Pro control any drone with just one hand

Pulsit is the only one-hand pro drone controller : your other free hand can now control the multi-axis camera or payload- 2 pilots in 1 - or if you have an arm disability

Our new Handy-Pulsit handle has professionnal precision over 6+ control axis including camera control - no fatigue, just Grab and Fly !

DJI, Yuneec, Parrot, even robots, 100% compatible capacity

· Increase your operational efficiency
· Save 50% of your operating costs
      ➔ "2 pilots in 1"
· Become a pilot even with arm or hand disability
· For fun and FPV drone racing !


PULSIT is the electronic glove that gives intuitive drone control, immediately

Simple and accurate, anyone can perform long flight missions even in rough conditions.

Arm disabled pilot using our new Handy-Pulsit

Demonstration with Emmanuel Macron

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