PULSIT revolutionizes the piloting of drones thanks to a connected glove which replaces advantageously the conventional radio control.
The drone is completely intuitive: tilt the hand forward and the drone moves forward; Tilt it backwards and back. Right, left, front, rear, rotation, gas control, everything is done with one hand, without learning!


The inclination of the hand is measured to the degree, and this in a very intuitive way. It's 10 times better than a radio control joystick. As for the gases, they are controlled by a ring placed at the tip of the major finger, with also unparalleled precision.

Ultra compatible

Compatible with 90% of drones!
Unlike radio controls that are limited to certain drones, PULSIT interfaces with almost all types of civilian drones: put on your glove, download the application on your smartphone and you're ready to fly like in a movie starwars!

Pro and Racing drones

The Radioplug is a module that attaches to your Pulsit. It makes PULSIT compatible with all professional drones, regardless of the brand of your receiver, and with all racing drones.

Public events

For PULSIT demonstrations in public, this optional module also makes the connection to your drone as reliable as possible: because in PULSIT standard equipment with a Drone Parrot or DJI the communication between PULSIT and the drone is ensured by a WiFi connection.
This works perfectly if few Wifi or Bluetooth networks are open simultaneously. But at public shows and events, the multiplicity of phones causes interference, altering the safety of the flight: RadioPlug, solves this problem using a robust professional protocol and publicly tested.